About Ivey League Baseball Academy
Now in it's second year, the Ivey League Baseball Academy is a community based program dedicated to encouraging physical activity through baseball.  The brainchild of Coach Orville 'Bunny' Ivey, a lifelong baseball fan and player, our program has roots in a simple neighbourhood game.

"In the summer of 2016, while playing baseball with my son at our neighbourhood park I invited some kids that were just hanging out, to join us. I placed no importance on their age, gender or skill level. We all played and learned the game together. It became a ritual, almost every weekday evening and some weekend mornings the kids would come out, pick their teams and play. Not only did this routine give the kids a daily activity to look forward to but remarkably it also uncovered a huge amount of talent in many of them. As the summer came to a close it was not acceptable that this would suddenly take pause, so I looked for a way for it to last through the colder months."

Through group and individual skill building Ivey League Baseball Academy is bringing decades of expert baseball experience to its youngest and oldest participants indoors. 

Ivey League Baseball Academy needs your support to ensure we can continue to offer a safe affordable, and fun program for players of all ages and skill levels.

You can help by supporting our program in a number of ways:

1)  monetary donations - which are used to cover costs for space, equipment and refreshments
2)  prizes - if you or your business would like to donate items that could be used as prizes to encourage play or help with our upcoming fundraising BBQ
3)  participate - if you, a family member or acquaintance would like to enrol your child in this exciting program, please contact us

Your generosity, in whichever form it may take, is greatly appreciated.

Meet our Team

Coach Orville 'Bunny' Ivey
A dad and Toronto resident, Coach Ivey has been an active and enthusiastic member of Toronto's baseball community for over 40 years, often playing on up to 3 teams while simultaneously coaching children's leagues.  Known for his great pitching ability, Coach Ivey is a highly positive and gifted trainer.

What Past Participants are Saying...

From the stretching, to the laps to the less formal games played at the end, this is the one place where we can see he feels like part of something much greater than himself. The kids are having fun but at the same time are taking their training very seriously. 

I have noticed that many of the boys are setting milestones for themselves in their training and reaching them eventually. They are encouraging one another and very respectful of each other. We know this program is about athleticism and that the main thing to be taken from it is the skills and theory that Orville, Fletcher and the staff from Baseline can provide but at the same time we feel it is giving these kids a really good example of community, brotherhood and achievement through hard work.

The skill development that Cohen has had the opportunity to pick up through the program is so much more than he could have through a tee ball team/league. We’ve shown photos to friends and family and have had conversations about Cohen’s activities and level of skill/understanding with friends and family and they are floored given that their sons are older and their skills are not being developed as aggressively. The kids are not only learning from the instructors but we find them learning from each other a great deal. Cohen is just a little guy and I know that he is paying very close attention to the older boys; we often notice that when they are praised for something he tries to emulate that behaviour of technique and the kids are often ready to help him with it also.

Thank you so much for providing this comfortable, well equipped and safe place for skill building, teamwork and physical development. We look forward to having Cohen in the program as long as it is offered.

- Sheila (mom of Cohen, 4)